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eth Courtney, Chair
                                               Non-Profit Task Force                                 
                        Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce

  Sweet Water Junction Band ROCKS! We were so happy they agreed to perform for our
  fundraising concert event, Saturday Night's Gone Country. They absolutely exceeded our
  expectations! Their sound is amazing, especially their harmonies, and their faithful fans
  were thrilled to see them back in Florida again. We received many comments of
  appreciation from people who have followed them for years, and all agreed that they
  sounded better than ever! 

 The band rocked it! We heard from a professional sound technician there, that the girls
 sounded even better than a very famous female country star he recently ran sound for (not
 surprised), and the guys' sounded great too! Guests also enjoyed choreographed dancing
 by the younger sisters, so it was a true family affair. As the night was wrapping up, many 
 people said they hoped we would back this very talented family next year.

 If you want to hear "true country" music, from the classic to the contemporary, I highly
 recommend that you bring the Sweet Water Junction band out of the hills!

                                 Brevard Live Entertainment Magazine  
Written by: Heike Clarke
  ..........This band has great vocals and harmonies, excellent musical talent and are a barrel
 of fun. - Soon you will be dancing too!
   This is a true Thanksgiving story. The Sweet Water
 Junction Band presents three generation of family tradition. Grandfather Porter McDowell
 started this band in Indiana, and it became a part of American music history...
Page 11
All Aboard! This train takes you through the family history of Porter McDowell from
 Patesville Kentucky, who left home in 1931 during the Great Depression, by hopping a
 freight train and worked his way through Seattle, Chicago, Illinois and ended up in Fort
 Wayne, Indiana. There he called for his family to move up from Kentucky to this “prosperous”
 industrial city, which they did. They left their home behind but took along the music they grew
 up with, and it became a family tradition!.........
 ( most of this article which includes the history of the band has been omitted for this posting but can be read
 on the History Page click here)

Brevard Live Magazine
927 E. New Haven Ave
Melbourne, Florida 32902
Phone: (321) 956-9207


                                                    Orlando Bands
                                       Ben Gardner, Founder
 "Sweet Water Junction is a solid professional working country band that presents
 themselves as organized, and extremely talented. The band consists of top notch players
 and will continue to drive forward. Keep an eye on Sweet Water Junction Band!

 Ben Gardner

                                          Written by: Mike Nunez   
                               Florida Today Newspaper  TGIF section
                           7-piece band brings sweet sound to Brevard
                      Shake, Rattle & Know: Sweet Water Junction Band,
                                            an impressive ensemble 

 This 7-piece band brings sweet sound to Brevard.” The Sweet Water Junction Band has
 been an important part of a music history for more than 60 years. Together they form an
 impressive ensemble, full of character and with a massive arsenal of harmonies…
The band
 started in Kentucky with Porter McDowell in 1949. Playing hard and making a name for
 himself, Porter introduced his son David to the world of music, and the foundation for the
 Sweet Water Junction Band was set.
  ( full article can be seen at


                                                      City of Parkland
                                                 Parks and Recreation

        Every year I try to book one country band for my Annual Concerts sponsored by
 J.M. Lexus.  I have booked the Sweet Water Junction band  many years in a row and they
 have always done a great job! They are truly a family band and all work together great!
 The band was very professional and sounded great! The sound and lighting was top notch
 and I am looking forward to booking them again this year. As a Special Events Coordinator
 I book bands and have found this band to be one of the most professional bands I have
 booked. I look forward to booking Sweet Water Junction for my annual Country Concert
 and Chili Cook-off..  Thank you!

Colleen O'Dea, CPRP Special Events Coordinator     
City of Parkland
   10561 Trails End, Parkland, FL 33067 
(954) 757-4120
    (954) 341-5161- fax


              Wedding Belles - Event and Wedding Planners

We are wedding and event planners and have been impressed with Sweet Water
Junction Band as a terrific source of entertainment each time we have hired them.    
Whether the guests enjoyed just listening to their foot stompin', hand clappin' music
or actually got out on the dance floor and moved to their high energy music...everyone
had a great time!  We have heard nothing but praise from guests and the party's hosts
about this very talented and professional band.

We can wholeheartedly recommend Sweet Water Junction Band for your entertainment.
Wedding Belles
760 Verbenia Drive,  Satellite Beach, FL  32937,   office/fax:  321.773.2772  
ell:   321.698.9825    Website:


                                  Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar

Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar would like to acknowledge the quality of performance
and sound when The Sweet Water Junction Band plays at our establishment. Their level
of professionalism is what any venue would ask for from a band. They always bring a nice
crowd and keep the people here.  I would also like to add, that if you have given any thought
to hiring The Sweet Water Junction Band for your venue, you will not be disappointed.
Sincerely,   Jason Minor
Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar , Port Canaveral, Fl     


                              Billy Rigg :  A Fabulous Band
 A while back, I saw a Fabulous Band called  "SWEET WATER JUNCTION BAND".
 I haven't been able to stop telling my friends about this band, because they're just that
good.  Anytime I get goose bumps and the hair stands up on my arms, hearing a song
or a band, it or they, have gone to No. 1.  Well, I get that same feeling with SWEET
WATER JUNCTION BAND. This band could win any nomination category in the BMAs
no problem",  they're that good and that talented.  They're an "all family band", and multi-
talented.   Once this band gets known, they will be very, very popular and hard to book
because everyone will want them at their venue. I've listened and watched live music in
Brevard since 1968 and every so often a Band comes along that is just very unique
and very special.  This Band is just that; a very special Band.  You can see their websites  
on ,  ,,  and
I truly hope you will go and see them when booked in your area because this band is
simply remarkable!
Written By:     Billy Rigg     Brevard County Florida

                               Haines City Parks & Recreation

The Sweet Water Junction Band put on a great show at Lake Eva Park in Haines
City. Their vocalists are excellent and can sing just about any song you would like
to hear. Not to mention the amazing fiddle playing, on The Devil Went Down to
Georgia. I recommend having this band for your next function. Thank you, 
Tommy Cassel, Rental Facility Manager 
Haines City Parks & Recreation ,   863-421-3700 ext 5988


                     Written by:  Tammy Roberts   Hometown News 

                 Sweet Water Junction Band Boasts Country Sound 

 Local Country Band Sweet Water Junction Band, gives new meaning to the
phrase "family affair".  With a history dating back to the late 1940's, the nine-member
band has developed a sound that only a true family could produce.  Raised on
country music, Indiana native, David McDowell followed in his father's footsteps and
created the Sweet Water Junction Band in 1979, a high energy country and southern
rock group, which he lead alongside two other musicians. During its run, Mr.
McDowell's wife, Sherry, ran the band's lighting and sound operations.  Eight years
later, the McDowell's decided to pack up and move to the Space Coast, where they
spent the next few years raising eight children - all of whom developed a flair for
music.  In 1995, the entire family started off on a seven year music tour, singing
and playing their own brand of Southern Gospel music.  They performed at hundreds
of churches, festivals and concert halls throughout the entire country, performing
alongside some of the most popular names in the Gospel music industry.  In
2002 the family returned home to Brevard where - between Titusville and Palm Bay -
they all reside today. In between all of the weddings, children and grandchildren, the
band formed once again - this time going back to Mr. McDowell's country roots. 
Sweet Water Junction Band is still led by Mr. McDowell, who plays rhythm guitar
and shares vocals with each member of the band. Joining him is eldest son,
Shaun McDowell on vocal and bass guitar, daughter Tasha (McDowell) Wadsworth
on vocal and keyboard, son Sheldon McDowell on Drums, son Chase McDowell on
vocal, fiddle, mandolin and lead guitar, daughter Reshana (McDowell) McGatha on
vocal and various percussion and Tim McGatha - Reshana's husband - on lead guitar. 
Other members of the McDowell Family still play a role behind the scenes of the band.
Daughter Chelsey McDowell runs lighting for the group, Chandy and Shyla run the
product table ... "It's definitely a family affair,"
said Mrs. McDowell, who retired in January after serving 31 years as the band's sound
manager.  "It's been a journey since the beginning."  Because of its strong family ties,
the band brings something unique to the table, to which most audiences can relate to,
Mrs. McDowell said. "They still have their little fights like most families do, but there's
this charisma between them that really shows in their music."   She said. "I've always
dreamed of having a close-knit family and I got so much more than that." Sweet Water
Junction Band has written several original songs in it's career, but is known for covering
more than 90 popular country and southern rock hits.  The band is known for its energetic
performances and crowd-pleasing tunes.  The members of the Sweet Water Junction
Band said they are looking forward to performing at this year's Strawberry Festival
March 9.  "We love playing festivals because there is always such a wide-variety of
people who come out to watch the show". Mrs. McDowell said  "There's a lot of fun
that comes along with it."  For information about Sweet Water Junction Band, visit

Private Home Birthday / Anniversary Party

Hello!,   I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a Fabulous Concert! I am so glad you all
were there to make my birthday and anniversary so special! All our guests cannot stop 
talking about the band and how Great you are! Anytime I know of anyone who is having an
event and needs a band you will surely be recommended. I hope you all had a good time
as well and got plenty of food and drinks. My grandson was so glad that the kids were there
as well!

Heather  & Donnie Cummings
Independent Representative
Sensaria Natural Bodycare


I have seen many musical groups rise and fall over the last thirty three years of my
career. I am always looking for something special that goes beyond the normal
standard with regard to talent, presentation, and attitude from any artist or a band I
encounter. When done right, music has a magic breaking the barriers of language
and culture. It has the potential to heal or destroy your day, week, or even your life
if you allow it to. Because of this love I have for music I make it a point to write about
anything special when it shows up. This letter is about one very special musical family. 
Sweet Water Junction Band is loaded with history and culture.  The band consists
exclusively of all family members starting with the father and includes five of his
children and one son in law he affectionately refers to as Billy Bob. These “children”
range from 24 to 30+ years of age and are an extremely talented group of adults.
There are two other family members,  the mother and another daughter which work
behind the scenes providing technical assistance for the group. What you get when
you see and hear this group, is over one hundred years of combined experience
producing a tight blend of instrumentation and vocals. The year 1995 through 2001 
this family traveled the nation  with their own music, and released several songs to
the radio industry. Those releases charted in such areas as the European Christian
Country Charts along with hitting the top 10 in segments of the Georgia and Tennessee
radio markets.  Currently performing Classic Country, Modern Country, and Southern
Rock  in the state of Florida, they hope to once again expand their performance area.  
They have recently released three songs to the market, It All Comes Back To Me,
Cardboard Box and Beverly’s Hill. These three songs display the group’s versatility
as the first two are Modern Country style while Beverly’s Hill is a folk / Bluegrass ballad.
 This band has awesome style, vocals, and a hard driving attitude that will keep you on
the edge of your seat and amazed. If you get a chance to check this band out you won’t
regret it.

                                     Engaged Sweet Water Junction Band
                                     more than once for entertainment
                                          Theresa Clifton  Cocoa, Florida

“Sweet Water Junction is one of the most versatile bands around. They are a very talented
 (family) group and make any event come to life with their incredible vocals accompanied
 by their instruments. They are professional and consistently provide a fabulous show!”

                        Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
                       Tom Paden, Owner/President, Paden Place Music , Tennessee :                                                               
      I have worked with Sweet Water Junction and David McDowell
                            and found them to be professional and easy to get along with.
                                              They are a very talented group!
Wanda Gates
, Owner, Creaky Gates Productions :                                                                                             
                  “I'm giving my recommendations for Sweet Water Junction Band,
                 after helping them produce a music video for their song "Cardboard Box".
                            They are very easy to work with, and highly talented.
            For more reviews visit     Wedding Wire / Events

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